The Nature of Addiction by Roget Lockard, M.Ed.

Beginning With Fire

The Story of Addiction, Human Nature, and Evolution

Chapter Sketches

Section One


My blood is alive with many voices telling me I am made of longing.
Rainer Marie Rilke

People often speak of addiction as being a form of self-medication. This is almost always true in the late stages, and is sometimes true in the early stages of addiction. But this view is too limited; it underestimates the richness, the allure, the sense of something very precious and magical happening, which is the hallmark of the initial entry into the realm of addictive solutions. As a speaker at an AA meeting once noted, “The best idea I ever had in my life was to get sober. The second-best idea I ever had was to get drunk.” In this section we gain an intimate familiarity with the onset of addiction; its enticements, its intricacy, and its underlying simplicity.

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Roget Lockard offers important and fresh insights into the nature of human craving and addiction. His understanding of the individual, community and environmental impacts of addictive thinking and behavior are a penetrating and compelling message for all of us at this unique and precipitous moment in human history — as are his particular insights into the physical and existential forces that both give rise to our addictions initially, and help to perpetuate them on a daily basis...

Geoffrey Shugen Arnold, Vice-Abbot of the Zen Center of NYC in Brooklyn, New York.